DVD Authoring

  Encoding Services   TV Pro Inc. offers a full range video delivery services.  These include DVD and CD duplication, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding, DVD Authoring and Streaming Media for the internet or intranet.  We can deliver in the following formats, Flash Shockwave Video, Windows Media (avi, asf or wmv), RealMedia (Surestream or Progressive downloading) and QuickTime encoding (compressed or full resolution) for high quality CD-R, DVD+-R and internet playback. For very large productions we suggest you ship an external drive with an USB-2 or Firewire 1394 port.
 We accept the following for conversions to DVD or any above mentions formats:

  • HD Video Tapes or Cards - External Devices
  • VHS - SVHS - Digital 8 - Hi 8 - 3/4 inch - Betamax
  • DVCPRO - DVCAM - miniDV - BetaCam SP - 3/4 in. Umatic
  • Super 8mm - Regular 8mm and 16mm films
  • Slides - Transparencies - Negatives - Digital Images
  • Pal and Secam (European) conversions also available

  Our Enhanced interactive DVD-R is digitally mastered with customized menus and chapter links. You may include a photograph, slide or digital image along with your order if you so wish.  We can also provide you with images contained in our library if you haven't one available.DVD Authoring  TV Pro Inc can design an insert sleeve that will personalize your amaray case or use your personal artwork and company logo.  Audio will be compressed Digital 5.1 AC3. This method leaves more bandwidth for higher quality video playback of the DVD without sacrificing audio fidelity. This process deals with our software encoding where two pass VBR will be used. Video is digitized to an uncompressed avi file before encoding.

  The Basic DVD-R encoding is also available at a reduced price. Packaging includes a jewel case for the Basic DVD-+R.  This is the perfect solution if all you need is a DVD made from movie film or video and none of the extras. There is no difference in playback quality between the basic and enhanced versions. The film is transferred to an uncompressed avi file and software encoded when longer than 60 minutes to insure maximum quality. We suggest encoding onto two DVDs' if the material is more than 110 minutes in length. For smaller orders that are 60 minutes or less, a stand-a-lone DVD recorder will be used that provides a CBR of 8000 kb/s. This is considered superlative quality.

  Blu-ray DVD-R encoding is also available for additional price. High Definition format should only be considered for this option.