PowerPoint Presentation with Presenter

   Consider a new way to deliver your PowerPoint Presentations by combining your presenter and their presentation on a interactive DVD, CDRom or Streaming Video Format.

Here is how it works:

   We videotape the presenter in a private or live performance.  We record the PowerPoint Presentation simultaneously to a digital format along with the presenter.  The presenter and the PowerPoint presentation are synced with each other in the edit suite.  The video is digitized and encoded to a compression scheme that delivers high quality video on a CD-ROM, DVD or streaming format for delivery on the internet.
  The CDROM or DVD will contain a Table of Contents that can be hyperlinked to the presentation, the company website and other informational content.  For the internet we use compression schemes like Real Video, Flash video, QuickTime or Windows Media Player.  These compression schemes require a high speed connection or a corporate intranet for delivery. 

Projector and Screen Rental
for small Corporate Events

Screen Rental for PowerPoints and Video Presentations

Equipment List

  • Large assortment of screen sizes
  • Portable Data or Video Projector
  • Wireless microphones with sound mixing board
  • Feed Back Killing Circuitry
  • DVD, VHS and other video format players
  • PA Speakers with Tripod Stands
  • An operator is always included

Very Reasonable Rates.
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